Friday, December 11, 2015

Education, in Black: Education Achievement Authority Principal Charged with Conspiracy and Bribery (Michigan)

By “W”

At the Detroit Free Press.


Anonymous said...

News of the weird...Female parent knocks out female basketball coach in dispute about a player riding home on the bus. You know when you get that feeling the puncher is going to be black and the punchee white, and most of the time (90%) you're right? Well this one reversed things, it was a white woman punching out a black coach. Well, I guess once in a while a white person has to represent. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

What passes for a hate crime if you're white. Check out the punishment, if a black posted something racist (which they often do), you can bet nothing would happen. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

At least they caught this one, you have to wonder how many of these Pakistani men are getting away with it. Jerry pdx