Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Victory in Baltimore! Mayor Rawlings-Blake, SA Mosby, Black Cut-Throats All Triumph Over Law and Order! On Sunday, 10 Shot, with 3 Murdered Within 39 Minutes!


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By Nicholas Stix

Before, during, and after the 2001 black riots in Cincinnati, the then-majority white police department was demonized as “racist.” The basis for the vilification of the department was a series of white cops’ refusal-to-die incidents, or to let others die on their watch at the hands of black males of all ages.

Following the riots, and during the persecution of a white scapegoat, Officer Steven Roach, Cincinnati cops gave the rioters what they wanted: Carte blanche, the rule of crime.

Three months later, Sam Francis wrote, in “Diversity vs. Safety in Cincinnati”:
In Cincinnati, where race riots flamed for three days in April, the fruits of the war against racial profiling are now dropping off the trees. Last week both The Washington Times and The New York Times carried virtually the same story: Crime in Cincinnati is out of control—for the simple reason that the police are afraid to enforce the law.

“We`re seeing an epidemic rise in violent crime,” Keith Fangman, head of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, told the New York Times last week. ("Police in Cincinnati Pull Back in Wake of Riots", June 19, 2001) Three months after the riots in April, Cincinnati has seen 59 shooting incidents with 77 victims. In the three months before the riots, there were a mere 9 shootings and 11 victims.

“The aftermath of the riots has actually been more harmful to the city than the riots themselves,” says Mr. Fangman.

The reason for the eruption of violence is simple: The war between crooks and cops is over; the cops lost. Cincinnati police, Mr. Fangman also tells the press, are “shellshocked.”

They know that if they do their jobs at all well, they`re liable to be ruined—to lose their jobs, maybe face criminal charges, and finally even face prison and an endless series of lawsuits from the criminal lobby and its allies.

“Arrests in Cincinnati have dropped 50 percent since mid-April,” the New York Times reports, and perhaps even more frightening, there has been a 55 percent drop in traffic stops, essential to effective police work. As the Times explains, “The union chief defended traffic stops as crucial to policing but blacks often call them harassment rooted in racial profiling.” Rather than risk charges of racial profiling, the cops simply don`t stop drivers, with the results that I and others predicted—crime rolls out of control.

Around the time of Francis’ column, July 2001, Komrade Ted Koppel had FOP President Keith Fangman and the Rev. Damon Lynch III on as guests on his ABC News show, Nightline.

The Rev. Lynch was condemning the police for not cracking down on the violence. When either Fangman or Koppel (as strange as that may seem) pointed out that the good Reverend had previously condemned the police for doing their job, he said that that was irrelevant, and that the police still had to do their job, no matter what.

Actually, the Rev. Lynch had incited riots, when the Cincinnati police had done their job.

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for the following article.

Baltimore Murder Surge Continues – 10 People Shot Sunday, 3 More Dead – 50 Percent Increase in Shootings This Year…
By sundance
May 11, 2015, 1:58 p.m.

MARYLAND – Ten people were reported shot in Baltimore on Sunday, including three fatal shootings that occurred within a span of about two blocks in Northwest Baltimore.

baltimore mayor selfie

The shootings continued a recent wave of violence. The 10 shootings were the second such occurrence in four days, after 10 people were also shot Thursday.

At least 86 people have been killed in Baltimore this year, 21 more than this time last year, while non-fatal shootings are up nearly 50 percent across the city.

The homicides also come as the city prepares for the Preakness Stakes on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course.

Within a span of 39 minutes, three people were killed Sunday night (read more).


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