Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Segregationist Black Michigan State Senator from Detroit, Virgil Smith, Allegedly Fired His Shotgun Multiple Times at His Fleeing Girlfriend/Ex-Wife, Hitting Her 2015 Mercedes Benz; He was Named “Legislator of the Year” by Bankers Association; Authorities Reduce Matter from Attempted Murder to "Domestic" Case


Legislator of the Year

By “W”

At Fox News.


Anonymous said...

"Legislator of the Year"

Well sure. He's of the "pet" race. They can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

You know and I know that nothing good comes from kissing black ass.

I get it that most people are total cowards and they believe that they can make this black nightmare go away if only they appease the angry black mobs and throw money at them.

But after over 50 years of wasting so much money, and wasted compassion, and getting nothing in return but a bigger and bigger problem we have to conclude that not only are people cowards, they are also total morons.

The solution to taming the savage beasts is to quit feeding them so they quit breeding them!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Peter Brimelow ought to start a "No Apologies!" anti-PC Movement!!!

The tagline: "The whole point of FREE SPEECH is lost by groveling to the whiners - Say It, Mean It, No Regrets."

Never apologize for telling the truth