Saturday, May 16, 2015

Iowa District Judge Colleen Weiland is This Week’s Winner!


Judge Colleen Weiland: She's a huge fan of black felons

By Nicholas Stix

Winner of what, you ask? Why, the contest among America’s white ruling elites to commit the worst racist outrage against their fellow whites, be it ruining the life of a white who had dared to challenge racial socialism, helping colored criminals, or otherwise hurting decent and/or qualified whites, and helping bad and/or unqualified non-whites.

Read the story at VDARE.


David In TN said...

The trial has since been moved to another county, Webster County in Fort Dodge.

In Tennessee, as we well know, they bus a jury from another county rather than move the trial.

Now the "judge" could have done this to start with but probably wanted to do some grandstanding. Maybe this will get her on the federal bench.

Anonymous said...

The public has little information on judges. There is no accountability. They keep putting the same criminals back on the street to inflict more damage. Judges are paid very well by taxpayers who become victims of the judges "racial socialism. "

Anonymous said...

These lawyers(perhaps)in black robes have no shame. "He can't get a fair trial", meaning the black criminal is guilty and his bros won't be able to get on the jury and block justice.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you see the words "can't get a fair trial" they are not talking about a White person.