Friday, May 01, 2015

In the Face of Narrative Collapse, Baltimore’s Black Supremacist State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby Doubles Down, and Charges Six Cops in Death of Freddie Gray, from Murder Two on Down; Mayor Stepahnie Rawlings-Blake Vows to Gut Police Department

By Nicholas Stix

As I write these words, black criminals, SJW media operatives, and black supremacist politicians, including Al Sharpton-style preachers and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, are all celebrating in the streets of that paradise for felons, Baltimore.

On CNN, its analyst racist former prosecutor Sunny Hostin is talking like a prosecutor, and its analyst Mark O’Mara is talking like … a prosecutor.

And the only cautionary theme on CNN is an interview with the mother of racist would-be murderer Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton, as if she were the mother of a crime victim, instead of a criminal, warning that an indictment does not equate to a conviction.

Let’s rewind the tape. The whole world was initially told that Freddie Gray’s spine was severed. The story was then changed to that 80% of his spine was severed.

How so? The supporting story was also that the police gave Gray “a rough ride” in the police van, in which they didn’t put him in a seatbelt.

The mainstream media (MSM) acted as if this “rough ride” cold have snapped Gray’s spine. Impossible.

Where did the story come from? Gray’s family’s lawyer, who was putting together a lawsuit seeking tens of millions of dollars. It was a self-interested statement lacking in credibility, yet the MSM shouted it credulously through their megaphones.

That narrative collapsed with statements of the other black prisoner in the van, according to which Gray was throwing himself around in the van, trying to harm himself.

The Baltimore PD then leaked to the media, much to some of the MSM’s chagrin, the claim that Gray’s head was injured, and that said injury matched a bolt in the van.

Black supremacist State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby also learned that at some point, police allegedly put Gray on his belly in the back of the van. But it would be impossible for Gray to have hurt his spine or his head from such a position. And yet, Mosby and her MSM lackeys repeat such information with sinister intonation (Mosby: “placing him on his stomach, head-first”), as if it were a sign of some sort of evil police action, the same way they intone the charge that police left Gray unbelted on the bench on the van. Whatever Mosby and the MSM say, they give it the same sinister intonation.

Instead of looking that the incident in the light of the new information (not a spine injury, Gray injuring himself), Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby just combined it with the original narrative, and charged and overcharged six cops to the hilt.

As for Mosby personally, who is married to black supremacist Councilman Nick Mosby, who supported the rioters, all of the aspects that were used against St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch as disqualifying factors in his running the grand jury in the death of would-be cop-killer, Mike Brown (his father having been murdered by a black man), are used grounds for praising and recommending Mosby: That she comes from a family of five generations of policemen, and that a cousin of hers was murdered. Black supremacist former congressman and NAACP boss Kweisi Mfume, falsely spoke of Mosby as a “victim,” as if that were a recommendation. (She wasn’t a victim, but if she had been, that could be grounds for exclusion from a jury in a trial, not grounds for inclusion.)

Mosby declared in her speech announcing the charges that she had heard the calls for “No justice, no peace,” and was responding to them with the indictments.

Finally, unlike with whites, contrary to the MSM line on her, Mosby’s family background in law enforcement does not mean that she appreciates the dangers and sacrifices lawmen face. Most black cops are counter-policemen, who do not put service to the law first. Indeed, she brags that her grandfather was the founder of a black counter-police organization.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Who initially declared that she would permit the racist black thugs to riot, who then spoke of “thugs,” but then backtracked and denied that there are any thugs in Baltimore City, today vowed to gut the Police Department:

“I will continue to be relentless in changing the culture of the police department. As mayor, I have said from the beginning that no one is above the law in our city. I was sickened and heartbroken by the statement of charges that we heard today, because no one in our city is above the law. Justice must apply to all of us, equally. With today’s official indictment, I have ordered Police Commissioner Batts to utilize the full extent of his legal authority, and immediately suspend all officers facing felony charges. In fact, warrants have been executed, and five officers are in custody. We know that the vast majority of the men and the women in the Baltimore City Police Department serve our city with pride, with courage, with honor, and with distinction. But to those of you who wish to engage in brutality, misconduct, racism, and corruption, let me be clear, there is no place in the Baltimore City Police Department for you. Today’s indictments are the next step in the legal process that is running its course. And as mayor, I will continue to be relentless in changing the culture of the police department to ensure that every one in our city is treated equally under the law. There will be justice for Mr. Gray, there will be justice for his family, and there will be justice for the people of Baltimore. Thank you.” [“Baltimore Mayor: ‘I Will Continue to be Relentless’ To Change Police ‘Culture’” by Ian Hanchett, Breitbart, 1 May 2015.]

Baltimore’s police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, led by Gene Ryan, is so far standing by their officers, protesting their innocence, and demanding that Mosby be replaced with a special prosecutor. FOP attorney Michael Davey complained that he had “never seen such a rush” to file charges against cops, and believes that the charges, in a case where the investigation was not completed, was politically motivated, due to the “publicity” (i.e., the media).

The 28 charges against the six officers

From WTVR:

Officer Garrett E. Miller
1) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs,)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )
5) False imprisonment (8th Amendment* )

Sgt. Alicia D. White
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)

Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr.
1) Second degree depraved heart murder (30 yrs.)
2) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
3) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
4) Manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence) (10 yrs.)
5) Manslaughter by vehicle (criminal negligence) (3 yrs.)
6) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )

Officer William G. Porter
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)

Lt. Brian W. Rice
1) Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
5) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
6) False imprisonment (8th Amendment*)

Officer Edward M. Nero
1) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
3) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
4) Misconduct in office (8th Amendment* )
5) False imprisonment (8th Amendment*)

*Any sentence that does not constitute cruel & unusual punishment

[Full list of charges filed against six officers in death of Freddie Gray by CNN Wire, WTVR, 11:45 a.m., May 1, 2015, updated at 11:54 a.m., May 1, 2015.]


Anonymous said...

The DA said that earlier in the week she had talked to the Gray family assuring them"there would be justice".This, as she said out of the other side of her mouth, that she had waited for all the evidence to be released today.Sounds like she made her mind up well before.
These charges will not stand in court.How could they? Except for possible minor infractions of protocol-if that.
All I know is I wouldn t want to have to report, patrol or live ANYWHERE near that area of the Baltimore ghetto.In fact I want to move even farther away from Maryland--and I live in Michigan.Not far enough away, believe me.

Anonymous said...

OH, thank GOD Sybrina Fulton has weighed in on the matter. The mother of Treyvons. And also an expert of what constitutes justice. Thank GOD she has weighed in on the matter.