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Craigslist Hate Crime Near Ferguson: Cops Say Black Man, 24, Arranged with White SIU Student, 19, to Buy His Car, Left Work During Lunch, Murdered Him, and Went Back to Work, as if Nothing Had Happened

See my just published VDARE report on MSM accessories to the black Baltimore rioters.

War crime victim Taylor Clark, 19, was a sophomore Engineering major at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

War crime suspect Michael Gordon, 24, worked at the truck driver training center, on or near whose property Clark and the latter’s car were found

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Arrest made in killing of SIUE student Taylor Clark
By CNN Wires, Chris Regnier, and Jethro Mullen
5:42 a.m., May 7, 2015
Updated at 05:41 a.m., May 7, 2015

HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI)– A 24-year-old man has been arrested in Missouri in connection with the killing of a student who had been trying to sell the suspect his car through Craigslist, police said Wednesday.

Taylor Clark, a 19-year-old student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, was last seen by his girlfriend on Monday morning. His body and car were discovered Tuesday at a truck driver training center in Hazelwood, a suburb of St. Louis.

Capt. Tim Fagan of the Florissant Police Department said Wednesday that officers had arrested Michael Gordon, an employee of the truck driver training center.

Police: Killing perpetrated during lunch break

The two men connected through Craigslist after Clark had listed his car for sale on the site, according to Fagan. “They were going to meet and the vehicle was going to be test-drove,” he said. But that’s not how things played out when the two met during Gordon’s lunch break. “A short time after they met on the parking lot,
Taylor was shot one time by Mr. Gordon,” Fagan said. The suspect then moved the student’s body to a nearby wooded area and tried to cover it up, he added.
Gordon went back to work after the killing, according to police.

The suspect has spoken to investigators, Fagan said, declining to give details. The case is still under investigation.

Student had just finished exams

Clark had finished taking his final exams before he disappeared and had already paid his tuition for the next semester in full. “This is a young man who was going to college. He was a good person, a good citizen,” said Fagan. “Certainly, he didn’t deserve what occurred to him.”

Clark’s killing is the latest in a series of attacks that have been linked to Craigslist, including the case of a pregnant [white] Colorado woman in which the fetus was cut from her womb [by a mulatto female].

In January, a [white] Georgia man was charged with murder in the death of a [white] couple who went missing after contacting a car seller on Craigslist.

CNN’s Lauren Leslie contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

"Went back to work, as if nothing had happened."

To the perp NOTHING had happened. NO different than stomping on a roach [killing the white guy].

Christian Grey said...

at least he's working......

eah said...

This kind of gruesome story will get less than zero national attention -- less than zero because there will be active decisions not to cover it at all. Does not fit 'the narrative'.

David In TN said...

Have you ever noticed how often when blacks carjack and murder whites, they proceed to park the victim's car right in front of their house or apartment building?

In this case, the "alleged" killer parked the car at his place of work.

Nicholas said...

It’s alright, David. Just another false alarm. The defendant has assured his grandfather, “They got the wrong guy,” and Grandpa is satisfied. Thus, we were all wrong again on this one, and Michael Gordon will be released and cleared, with an apology and hefty settlement for racial profiling, presently.

Joe C. said...

Notice how they have to end these articles (when they can) with a rare case of "see, white guys do it too" to try to obfuscate reality.