Sunday, May 03, 2015

Coast Guard Arrests Mexican Poachers for Illegally Fishing in American Waters

By A Texas Reader

"Commercial vessels from Mexico continue to conduct illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, venturing further north from the border to seek a larger and more lucrative catch. This activity exploits fish species most sought after by legitimate U.S….


Meanwhile, the Pun Police are spreading a dragnet in search of offenders from among KPRC’s readership.

• The Dude • 2 hours ago

Sounds fishy tee hee Probably working for scale, Doh!

81099!n9 • 2 hours ago

Illegals illegally fishing.

zedanski 81099!n9 • 6 minutes ago

Under the new presidential decree, I think that makes em American.
...under the anchor-bait provision.

rbuckfly1 • 2 hours ago

Well, under the current administration……I imagine they were fed a hot meal, and released back into their territorial waters.

WhutTheHe!! • 2 hours ago

Chum 'em

RonD Hill • an hour ago

What the heck?? ,They were just fishing for the fish that Americans won't fish for won't you know.

DoctorFeelgoodMD • an hour ago

Fishing for wet backs......they're in season too.

Greg Matson • an hour ago

handcuff them and throw them overboard

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