Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Capital Murder Indictment Returned Against Jesse L. Mathew Jr. in U.Va. Slaying of Hannah Graham; Prosecutor Will Seek Death Penalty, if Case Goes to Trial


War crime victim Hannah Graham

War crime defendant Jesse L. Mathew Jr. in court on November 14. He was presumably not charged with rape, because by the time Hannah Graham's body was found, it had decomposed too much to determine if she'd been raped.

By A Texas Reader

At the Houston Chronicle.


David In TN said...

Mathew was linked by DNA to a 2005 sexual assault in Fairfax County. He is supposed to go on trial for that charge on June 8.

The DNA from that case linked him to the Morgan Harrington murder. No news when this will go to trial.

Anonymous said...

The lamestream media is still ignoring the serial killer angle on this guy. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

NOT ONLY the serial killer but the rapist as well.

That becomes an aggravated offense and is usually grounds for seeking the death penalty.

And juries often say death in such cases.

Anonymous said...

There can't be a worse fate than to be raped and murdered by a feral monster. The horror of it all will linger forever while loved ones struggle to cope.

David In TN said...

Another heads up. On Saturday night, September 26, CBS 48 Hours has a two hour program at 9 pm ET on the Hannah Graham murder. There also is supposed to be information on Morgan Harrington.