Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Murder Attempt on George Zimmerman

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher AL for the heads-up.

ASAP Rocky Single Mom just commented “a minute ago,”
Shooter should be charged with getting our hopes up.



David In TN said...

Our former friend Jamie Satterfield retweeted the news about the attempt on George Zimmerman from HER friend Mario Boone. Remember him?

Boone thought (hoped) Zimmerman had been killed or seriously wounded.

Nicholas said...


How could I ever forget Mario Boone, the racist black murderer-rapist's best friend, after what you reported about him?

David In TN said...

Yes, I was standing in line one morning during Vanessa Coleman's first trial waiting for the scan-search which you went through every time you entered the courtroom.

I saw Boone talking to Gary Christian about 10 feet away from me. Gary shook his head furiously. When I saw a TV news report that night back at my motel, I realized what had been going on.

Boone was trying to arrange a meeting between Channon's parents and Coleman's parents. The Christians would have none of it, as they were certain Coleman was a major participant.

Anonymous said...

Coleman was a major participant. Present at the time of the atrocity. And then cooked hearty breakfast for the murder crew. Eating a hearty meal after such an evil deed is a clear indication of a cold bloodedness that is sickening and is usually a consideration during the penalty phase where death is the punishment.

jeigheff said...

This week, I gave up on Fox News for good. It has always wanted Zimmerman's blood. Without going into detail, it has disgraced itself in the past over its coverage of Traylon Martin's murderous assault on George Zimmerman, both on television and the Internet. But Fox News just will not give up. A couple days ago, this incident was mentioned on Fox News, along with the "fact" that Zimmerman "killed an unarmed black teenager" (or something close to that.)

I could look up the exact words, but I really don't feel like it. Fox News' twisted message came through loud and clear, one more time.

If any so-called news organization chooses to persecute an innocent man after he has been exonerated, then none of its reporting can be trusted.