Sunday, May 10, 2015

2 More Cops Assassinated, During “Routine Traffic Stop,” in Mississippi; Squad Car Stolen; 2 Black Suspects Sought

By David in TN

Manhunt underway for two men who “shot dead two Mississippi cops before fleeing in their patrol car” following routine traffic stop

Two Mississippi police officers dead after shooting in Hattiesburg

The shooting took place on Saturday night in the town of Hattiesburg. The dead officers have been identified as Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 25. Suspects Curtis and Marvin Banks are still on the loose.

At the Daily Mail.


Chris Mallory said...

That headline should read: "Two armed highwaymen were shot in self defense while trying to rob or kidnap two citizens."

The problem in America isn't "blacks". It is that there is such a thing as a routine traffic stop. A police state by any other name is still a police state.

Anonymous said...

The United States is a surveillance state, and not a police state.

I should know.

I traveled to Czechoslovakia before the Wall fell. It was extremely time consuming to enter the country. Ditto for exiting the country. It's because Czechoslovakia, a true police state, had hermetically sealed its borders.

You cannot have a police state absent closed borders. See Berlin, East Germany.

But you can have a surveillance state with or without sealed borders. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the type of crime that calls for the death penalty. We only pray justice will be done when the villains are caught but of curse doubt it will be 100 % of what it should be.

Anonymous said...

As it turned out, it was not a routine traffic stop. If the cops had stopped me, a White guy, it would have been a routine traffic stop.
Where I live a semi ran over and killed five nursing students, a few weeks ago, who were in a traffic jam stretching for miles in front of them. The semi hit them at 68 miles per hour. Was that driver texting? Was he asleep? The highway patrol did not check for drugs or alcohol on the driver. Why? The cops say it will takes weeks, perhaps month for the investigation. Why? I have searched high and low for a photo of that driver, John Wayne Johnson, all to no avail. The trucking company, quartered in Mississippi has been cited numerous times for trucking violations. I highly suspect that driver is black.
Routine traffic stops are just fine with me.