Friday, October 24, 2014

Sex Offender, 33, Accused in Rapes of 2-Year-Old Niece and Girlfriend's 14-Year-Old Daughter, Infecting Them with HIV, Herpes, and Chlamydia


David R. Wilson's smirking, new mug shot

By A Texas Reader

At the Houston Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

That is attempted murder. If he knew he had HIV [and he probably did], spreading in a knowing manner a deadly infection is attempted murder. And murder if any of those infected die.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I know that little two year old niece will appreciate the charges. The rapist uncle will get a few years of three hots and a cot for free and he'll be all primed and ready for another rape or two.

Gem Junior said...

So tired of these disgusting savages. SMH.