Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clarence Page: Obama is Perfect but, Alas, Ordinary Americans are Not

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By Former Stockbroker
Page: Yet as a fair historical accounting will show, Obama did get some things done. He reversed the recession with a stimulus that injected billions into the economy. Recovery has been sluggish and low-wage workers have not benefited as much as upper-income earners. But unemployment is down, so is the deficit, and the stock market, for all of its bounces, has hit record highs.

Unemployment is down because folks have given up looking for non-existent jobs. And the jobs that have been created are mostly low-wage ones in the service sector or government jobs, i.e., a waste of resources.

Wall Street ain't Main Street.

Easy money, courtesy of the Fed, drove Wall Street to record highs. I know this, as I used to be a stockbroker, and have an MBA in finance and accounting.

Clarence Page is a dolt.

But you knew that already.

“Clarence Page: Obama's Second-Term Slide Mostly About Us, Not Him.”

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Anonymous said...

Get this phrase: "Cornel West, the celebrity activist-intellectual."

David In TN