Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is There a Totalitarian Group Worse Than Black or Homosexual Supremacists? Feminazis Wage War on Video Gaming Community (Kathy Shaidle)

By Nicholas Stix

That’s not a rhetorical question.

Off, off with their d---s!, they screamed.

Having already more or less ruined strip clubs, culinary institutes, and the United States Navy, the chicks just heard about the “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” video-game tree house. And they’re telling.

Female-run geek-friendly sites are currently buzzing about “All-Too-Familiar Harassment…And What the Gaming Community Can Do About It.”

In case the words “harassment” and “community” didn’t tip you off, these female gamers demand an end to the abuse they’re subjected to online.

[“Western Civilization’s Last Line of Defense,” by Kathy Shaidle, Taki’s Magazine, July 24, 2012.]

1 comment:

stickman said...

Fuck em my lock will pwn their facerollin paly asses, and laugh at their misfortune. If they can't take the heat they need to get out of the way and stick to dancing on mailboxes for gold.

I guess only thing worse than a basement dweller, is a crying feminist (oxymoron), basement dweller