Monday, July 02, 2012

Is Atlanta “The City Too Busy to Hate,” or Just Another Diversitopian Hellhole? My New VDARE Column is Up!

By Nicholas Stix

Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta

Currently in the news: “security guard” Nkosi Thandiwe, charged with an unexplained July 15, 2011 midtown shooting spree that left white Brittney Watts, 26, dead, white-enough Lauren Garcia, 23, a paraplegic, and white Tiffany Ferenczy, 24, wounded. He has just dismissed his lawyer; his trial is currently scheduled for 2013(!)Midtown shooting murder suspect loses lawyer By Marcus K. Garner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 25, 2012

Needless to say, the Main Stream Media has not reported if Thandiwe is an immigrant—his name is Xhosa for “loving one.” But he wouldn’t qualify for’s Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome list anyway: only one victim died.

After I blogged on this case, some readers who claimed to be friends of Thandiwe’s insisted that the suspect was really a gentle Renaissance man.

[The truth about Thandiwe proved to be somewhat different. He’s not gentle, and there’s nothing Renaissance about him, but he is a man. Read the whole thing.]


jeddite said...

You could send a full page ad to the NYTimes confessing that


and ad a byline saying

And the news coming out of Atlanta confirms that we all should be racists and the future will prove that we've never been racist enough- we need to catch up to the facts...

AnalogMan said...

Beg to differ. He is a Babuntu.