Monday, March 30, 2020

The Grim Sleeper and the Westside Rapist

By David in TN
Mon, Mar 30, 2020 12:45 a.m.

The Grim Sleeper (Lonnie Franklin) killed only black women in South Central, mainly prostitutes or drug users.

The Westside Rapist (John Floyd Thomas) killed elderly white women who lived alone.

The LAPD was hunting for The Grim Sleeper and conducted a DNA sweep of LA sex offenders. In 2009 they snared Thomas, instead of Franklin. In 2010, they tried familial DNA and finally caught Franklin.

Ironically, without the push to find the Grim Sleeper, Thomas may not have been caught.

N.S.: But without "the community's" support for black cut-throats, five or six black serial killers would not have been able to simultaneously operate undisturbed in L.A. for years on end.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Media coverage of Franklin was always the same as with the other 3 most prolific serial killers ever: Samuel Little, or Eugene Coral Watts, strangely muted and low key. Always downplaying and under reporting the true extent of their rampages. The media loves to inflate white serial killer numbers and searches for additional victims with zeal. Doesn't happen with black mega serial killers, media gives them minimum coverage they feel they can credibly get away with.

Police discovered nearly a 1,000 photos of possible victims of Lonnie Franklin jr. in his home, they didn't find bodies because he had been taking the bodies to the dump for decades:

Anonymous said...

"In 2010, they tried familial DNA and finally caught Franklin." YEP. Sooner or later some famblee member of the bad guy also turns up in prison. They get the DNA sample from the famblee member and match to the bad guy. That sorta behavior tends to run in famblees.

Anonymous said...

He died from undisclosed causes? They did an autopsy? And found nothing? What is that? Thousand of photographs? The number missing and dead might make his one of the greatest hands-on killers of all time. And yet almost as an accident they caught the man?