Monday, March 30, 2020

Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

By David in TN

"Biden Accused of Sexual Assault."

David in TN: I suspect that if Hillary had won in 2016, putting her and Bill back in the White House, the Harvey Weinstein Affair wouldn't have happened.


Anonymous said...

When all the Hunter Biden sexploits and baby mama drama came out last year,you thought,"wait,Joe Biden never had a woman accuse him publicly of moral terpitude,"maybe Hunter is just a defective gene mutation.But this comes out and the old adage,"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree",makes the Joe Biden accusation seem more believable.
Hunter and Joe are probably much more alike than we thought--or knew.There are most likely other young females who were shut up or paid off over the years--the old cockroach theory applies here as well:If you see one roach,you know there's many more that you aren't aware of.Same with Roach Biden.

Anonymous said...

"'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree', makes the Joe Biden accusation seem more believable."

The tree does not fall far from the apple it seems here. Those feminists will ignore this? Of course they will.