Friday, September 20, 2019

Ex-New Jersey Police Chief Admits Referring to African Americans as 'f****n' n*****s' Who Have 'no value' but Denies Slamming a Handcuffed Black Teen's Head in a Door - and Argues Racist Remarks are Not a Crime

By R.C.
Fri, Sep 20, 2019 10:54 p.m.

Ex-New Jersey police chief admits referring to African Americans as 'f****n' n*****s' who have 'no value' but denies slamming a handcuffed black teen's head in a door - and argues racist remarks are not a crime

N.S.: How quaint. A white man who thinks that the Constitution and the law are defenses.

R.C.: But is it true?

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Anonymous said...

Not a good time to be a white cop in a courtroom,against a black thug.Not a good time to be a white cop,caught up in a racial accusation.The white cop in Muskegon was fired a couple weeks ago for having a KKK document and Confederate flag on his wall.The cop's home was being looked at by a black interested in buying his home.
The black took pics and posted them.
The cop was FIRED!Not for job performance,but his private life--which admittedly shouldn't have been displayed for home buyers to see--in retrospect.
That and the "stand your ground" case,that went against whitey in Florida,shows some troubling signs for whites.The media jumps on the black's side and infects viewers to hate the accused white.
This EX-cop is in big trouble.