Friday, December 07, 2018

Take a Gander at This Brief Video of What the Charlottesville Prosecution Says Never Happened!

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Anonymous said...

A mob on foot in pursuit of a vehicle is demonstrative of a level of determination on the part of the mob to do violence. The same thing happened years ago during a confrontation down south. Leaving a person no reasonable life of retreat only creates a situation where stand your ground and defend yourself by any means is legal and just.

Anonymous said...

GRA:The beat goes on...

(Ny Times)CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — After deliberating for more than seven hours on Friday, a Charlottesville jury convicted James Fields Jr. of first-degree murder, finding that the Ohio man intentionally drove his car into a crowd of protesters at a white nationalist rally last year, killing one woman and injuring nearly 40 others.

The jury, which heard testimony in a case in which hate and racism were as much on trial as Mr. Fields, also found the 21-year-old guilty of five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of leaving the scene of a crime. He faces up to life in prison for the death of Heather Heyer, 32, and for the aggravated woundings, and up to 20 years for the other offenses.

Friday’s verdict provides some closure in a case that cast a national spotlight on Charlottesville, the scene chosen by racists and anti-Semites to rally for their cause, near a Confederate monument that some city leaders were trying to remove. The August 2017 Unite the Right rally was marked by violent clashes between counterprotesters and white nationalists, some of whom were convicted earlier this year.
--GRA:The jury might as well go to the nearest tree and lynch themselves.A message could have been sent that extenuating circumstances were involved--with a lesser crime conviction.This lack of loyalty to their own white race will come back to get them when blacks and Mex take over.But as Joe Biden says,"That's a good thing."Lol.He might be pushing daisies (or not),but his white offspring will suffer for his idiocy.No wonder whites don't have kids--there's no future in it--they'll only be executed.
--GR Anonymous