Sunday, June 03, 2018

White Feminist Judge Declares, ‘Free Child Rapes for Swarthy, Muslim Immigrants!’ (Affirmative Action Criminal Justice)


Two Dangerous Felons

Child Rapist Ahmed Hamir Ahmed

Judge Nan G. Waller

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 3:42:00 P.M. EDT

We've had another local diversity sexual assault on a child in my city and the sitting judge on the case has decided the perp is too mentally ill to be guilty, so she dismissed all criminal charges against him:

At The Oregonian.

Name of the criminal: Ahmed Hamir Ahmed (no word on his citizenship/immigration status)

Name of the other criminal, er...I mean the judge: Nan Waller

Care to guess the race of the two? Yes, Mr. Ahmed is a negro Muslim and "judge" Nan Walker is a white female. Yes, yet another white female in a position of power protecting non-white male criminals. After all, you have to keep that pool of available non-white men filled with potential prospects. Here is a photo of "judge" Waller. Shocker, she happens to be a corpulent white female.

This from the Oregonian article:

"Multnomah County Circuit Judge Nan Waller instead committed Ahmed Hadir Ahmed to the Oregon State Hospital for at least two years under a rarely used state law for “extremely dangerous mentally ill” defendants facing murder, rape or other serious allegations."

So if he cannot be treated, then he may be in the psychiatric hospital indefinitely but if he's gaming the system and pretending to be crazy, or is "cured" by treatment, then he could be out in as little as two years, all the sooner for a certain overweight female judge to be able to possibly date this fine figure of a prospective mate.

I seriously question the "crazy" designation because most men loony enough to not be responsible for their acts couldn't even manage a meth dealing business or manipulate 13-year-olds that well, but when you have underlying motives as a judge, you'll believe what you want to believe. Of course, you can find examples of white male judges also serving as diversity operatives and protecting these negro/muslim/paki scumbags, but it seems like every other one you see in the news is a white or black female judge.

From what I've read, the number of females entering the legal practice has exploded the last couple of decades and there will be even more female judges than male in the future, so we can expect the judicial system to become even more lenient toward young, non-white male criminals (especially sex criminals; those are the ones that really give them tingles).


Anonymous said...

Protests need to be started--with thousands of whites taking part to show the judge the right way to think.

Nicholas said...

It won't work, GRA. She needs to either be impeached, or "corrected."