Friday, June 01, 2018

Name Change Proposal for the FBI


Stefan Halper

By orinocoflow 12 days ago

This is a great article from the Daily Wire. It IS a bombshell. The FBI had its own spy working inside the Trump campaign, a certain Stefan Halper. Jonah Goldberg and David French will approve of him. He can now get a job writing for National Review, at 200K a year.

The FBI is no longer above politics, since many years. Change its name to "Political State Police," or Postapo. It is part of the Deep State that serves the interests of the hostile elite. The Deep State acts against the American people, and against the national interest.

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Anonymous said...

What a contrast. Watergate the scandal occurred because the FBI WOULD NOT GET INVOLVED. Efforts as proposed to infiltrate and monitor the Democratic National Committee too political.