Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Mets Narrowly Avoided Another Heartbreaking Loss Monday Night


Have you seen this man in the area of Flushing, Queens? He is to be considered armed with a baseball team and dangerous. He goes by the name Mickey Callaway.

By Nicholas Stix

… by having the night off! 


Anonymous said...

Casey Stengal's favorite day of the schedule during his 4 years with the

Anonymous said...

GRA:Used to be,when the Mets or whoever your favorite baseball team was,in the midst of a lousy season,you could take a break and flip on the "Miss America Pageant" and see some gorgeous women in bathings suits and evening gowns.
No more--thanks to Fox Lottery winner Gretchen Carlson,the new leader of the "MAP".
GRA:It's a given that ratings will be lower than CNN'S daily numbers.
I'm now pissed at Roger Ailes for making Carlson rich.
Carlson's next great ideas include:
McDonald's to stop serving hamburgers.
Farmers to quit growing crops.
Airlines to eliminate pilots from flights.
Police forbidden to carry guns.
She's working on others to be sure.
But,like Playboy giving up nudity,this will be the end of either Miss America or Carlson as its leader.I'm betting Carlson goes and the bathing suits come back quicker Trump tweeting a response to fake news.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Looks like Lesta the Molesta is losing the ratings war...badly. The article is citing Holt's badgering of Trump during the debates and his N. Korea debacle as the reason but I'm going to suggest it has more to do with with his relentless and racist attack on white America. Perhaps his blatant racism has finally seeped into the consciousness of white people and they are turning him off. Hopefully this will result in cancellation and while I'll miss GRA's amusing reporting on the racist trash that pours out of the NNN, I'll be glad that Lesta's smirking mug won't be staring out from the TV screen anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great news Jerry,if it leads to Holt getting the boot.IF he got the heave-ho,my bet would be on a white prick named Peter Alexander to replace him.Alexander is extremely obnoxious,as are Hallie Jackson,Andrea Mitchell,Kristin Welker etc.
But Holt leaving would hopefully reduce the volume of pro-black,anti-white stories.Fingers crossed anyways.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it: