Sunday, June 03, 2018

Bedfellows: Communist and Nazi Bloggers Celebrate Destroying the Life of Jewish Trump Supporter’s Family


Communist Huffington Post blogger Luke O’Brien and his victim, Amy Mekelberg

By Nicholas Stix

Media thugs like Luke O’Brien have some of my readers so (justifiably) terrified, that they now forbid me to even say what continent they live on!

At The Liberty Conservative.

Mekelburg’s Twitter feed, with her response.


Glaivester said...

As Twitter-user "Principled Rabbi" would say, [[[Luke O'Brien?]]]

Anonymous said...

It used to be,when opposing sides discussed topics of importance,the moderator (usually liberal)would say,"YOU get the last word"--bringing to a close a civilized exchange of ideas.
O'Donnell (Lawrence)currently has a one hour libfest CALLED,"The Last Word"--mis-titled to say the least-because the goal of libs these days,is not to give their mouthpieces just the LAST word,but the ONLY word.Conservatives appearing on these shows,are mainly props in any debates that occur in public,on our airwaves-in 2018--if we see them at all.
One would think,with Trump in office and Republicans(supposedly conservative)controlling the House and Senate,a REAL conservative group would try to start a new TV network for the 48% that we know are out there in America,and hoping to see people espousing views like their own.With FOX rumored to be the target of a takeover move by either Comcast or Disney (both liberal havens),the only outlet for viewpoints different from CNN,MSNBC and the 3 major networks,may soon be swallowed up.If FOX gets bought out by either of these entities,kiss people like Hannity,Ingraham,Greg Jarrett,Tucker Carlson goodbye.Say hello to Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper on the "NEW FOX NEWS".Therefore,now would be the ideal time to start an alternative network(the sooner,the better)because if Oprah,or another black wins in 2020,there will be no FCC approval for on-air conservative philosophies,once the Dems get control.
It will be over.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
We've had another local diversity sexual assault on a child in my city and the sitting judge on the case has decided the perp is too mentally ill so be guilty, so dismissed all criminal charges against him:

Name of the criminal: Ahmed Hamir Ahmed (no word on his immigrant status)

Name of the other criminal, er...I mean the judge: Nan Waller

Care to guess the race of the two? Yes, Mr. Ahmed is a negro Muslim and "judge" Nan Walker is a white female. Yes, yet another white female in a position of power protecting non white male criminals, after all, you have to keep that pool of available non white men filled with potential prospects. Here is a photo of "judge" Waller. Shocker she happens to be a corpulent white female:

This from the Oregonian article:

"Multnomah County Circuit Judge Nan Waller instead committed Ahmed Hadir Ahmed to the Oregon State Hospital for at least two years under a rarely used state law for “extremely dangerous mentally ill” defendants facing murder, rape or other serious allegations".

So if he cannot be treated then he may be in the psychiatric hospital indefinitely but if he's gaming the system and pretending to be crazy, or is "cured" by treatment, then he could be out in as little as 2 yrs., all the sooner for a certain overweight female judge to be able to possibly date this fine figure of a prospective mate.

I seriously question the "crazy" designation because most men loony enough to not be responsible for their acts couldn't even manage a meth dealing business or manipulate 13 yr. olds that well, but when you have underlying motives as a judge, you'll believe what you want to believe. Of course you can find examples of white male judges also serving as diversity operatives and protecting these negro/muslim/paki scumbags but it seems like every other one you see in the news is a white or black female judge. From what I've read is that the number of females entering the legal practice has exploded the last couple of decades and there will be even more female judges than male in the future so we can expect the judicial system to become even more lenient toward young non white male criminals (especially sex criminals, those are the ones that really give them tingles).

Anonymous said...

"Not only do I stand up for MY rights but also for women, LBGTQ, minorities, and persecuted Christians throughout the world."

12:54 PM - May 31, 2018
Mek tweet
Really?She's a Trump supporter?There are at least two groups in the 4,listed above--which she supports--that would eliminate her as a Trump supporter.Can't have it both ways--unless you ARE LBGTQ lol.
--GR Anonymous

erasmus said...

jerry pdx
In the Spanish resort town of Magalu, Nigerian immigrant prostitutes and their pimps are robbing and beating customers instead of supplying them delights of the flesh:
Protestors have clashed with the Nigerians and the local government seems to be siding with the Nigerians by charging the protestors with "hate crimes". Sounds like the legal system there has been infiltrated by PC ideologues just like here in the US.

Looking at some photos of these "ladies of the evening", even out of focus and unclear, you'd have to pay me to have sex with them. Actually, thinking about it more, I don't know if there's enough money in the world.

Here is an amusing video of a customer having a conflict with some of those Nigerian "beauties" while his buddies filming the sparring match laugh hysterically:

Anonymous said...

The comment-makers at LC are certainly a lovely group.

The Gentle Grizzly

Anonymous said...

My idea of the day is,Samantha Bee should change her name to Samantha "C",the same letter that media used, to identify the slang word Bee uttered, describing Ivanka Trump."C"(or cu*t)seems to fit Bee a lot better than it does Ms Trump(who hasn't replied to the verbal assault one iota).
Actually,if I were to grade Bee on her comedy,it would have to be an F--or a tie with Michelle Wolf for worst comedienne of the year--so far.
--GR Anonymous