Monday, June 04, 2018

A Treasury of Pat Buchanan Columns: A Free “E-Book”

By Nicholas Stix

It is my opinion that Pat Buchanan is America’s most brilliant living political thinker.

Buchanan has written a score of brilliant books, and thousands of equally brilliant columns, the latter at the rate of two per week for (I believe) over 30 years.

I don’t mean to suggest that everything Pat Buchanan touches turns to gold, but he’s got an awfully high batting average.

The other day, when I posted a recent Buchanan column on race, one of my great reader-researchers, Grand Rapids Anonymous, quoted form an earlier one from 2013 on the same topic. I went hunting for the original column, which led me, eventually, to

This is Mr. B’s own Web site, which contains about five columns per month, since 1997, and a handful going back beyond that to 1990. Thus, it’s not complete, but it’s the closest we’re going to get.

In case anyone forgets to bookmark the link, or loses it, I’ve permanently linked to the page in my blog roll on the right hand side of this page.

Pat Buchanan’s Column Archive.

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Anonymous said...

Pat was in my local paper for years in the editorial section,but interestingly,once the blacks and Mex poured into Grand Rapids(and the whites amscrayed to the suburbs),our "Grand Rapids Press" found out their subscriber base had left as well.The section 8 renters weren't interested in a daily paper--most couldn't even READ ENGLISH!!!Also they couldn't afford it.
Therefore,the paper's finances got tight and the editorial page was the first section to get the ax.
I used to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune a while back and Mr.Buchanan was a regular there as well.It's been at least a decade since I've read a Trib,so I can't say if the same fate befell the Trib's editorial page as GR's paper.
Point being,all these guys were very influential 2 decades ago:Jack Anderson,Will,Germond,Mike Royko,Buchanan and on the other side,Clarence Page comes to mind.Papers these days are merely shadows of their former selves(what used to be 80 pages in a daily is now 15-20)and so are political commentators like Pat.Not because his writing has slipped,but because of the same thing that happened to Paul McCartney.Sir Paul has put out albums (some very good)for the last 20 years,that no one has heard of.As great as he is,his influence on current music is zip.Pat's in the same boat,so these days,you just have to look harder for him--unless you check in here (and ZH occasionally).Rumor has it that President Trump uses Mr B for advice.THAT is good to hear,if true.
--GR Anonymous