Tuesday, May 09, 2017

New Orleans: Black Communist Demands that George Washington Statue be Taken Down


Black supremacist Malcom Suber

By Nicholas Stix

Long ago, Sam Francis predicted all of this. The demands for the destruction of Confederate monuments and memorials was just to get their feet in the door, in order to remove everything “white,” including the American flag.

At Occidental Dissent.


Anonymous said...

Those people so love the bullhorn and the mega-phone. They love to hear themselves talk and shout down anyone that disagrees with them.

Anonymous said...

...and probably replace it with George Washington Carver.
ELsewhere,I found this in my mailbox.
This is an article I think most of us can agree with.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The current crop of late night talk show hosts (I guess this could be a segue from my previous rant about late night talk hosts) were chosen not just for their "abilities" as talks show hosts but for their political ideology, which is of course, anti trump, pro mass immigration, pro BLM, etc... And a willingness to promote that ideology while stifling any opposing views.

When ideology becomes the requisite qualification you end up with mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Agree Jerry.They also overdose the show on political hatchet humor.These guys have nothing else to talk about.It's less an entertainment show and
more recognizable as an MSNBC opinion show(Joy Reid,Maddow etc)and just as humorous.
Colbert CAN be funny.But you can't have a completely biased political viewpoint without alienating half the country.CBS obviously doesn't care about
the Republican viewers in the USA.Their newscast glows Democrat (as does NBC's Negro Nightly News,of course)and now "the Late Show" glows Donkey blue as well,
What better way to try to affect a nation than with the nightly newscast and late night talk show.
I rarely watch network TV,but I get to see promos and judging from those clips,the agenda is clear--put as many blacks as you can on the same show with whites--as absurd as some of these situations are:Judd Hirsch with a black kid in a donut shop?(for example)
The commercials have 2 whites and one black--in whatever situation the commercial is promoting--and the number of whites are decreasing in numbers.You ask yourself--really?I'm supposed to believe these whites are hanging out at a bar with these blacks?Not a chance.
Saul Alinsky would be proud of the commie networks we seem to be stuck with.
--GR Anonymous