Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Tour Down Homicide Lane, as Baltimore Descends into Chaos: Hipsters Heed the Call of Gentrification’s Big Bucks, but is It a Siren Song?

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat and Grand Rapids Anonymous

A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Baltimore Descends Into Chaos | Zero Hedge

The mainstream media dares not to share this with you, because it destroys the gentrification narrative to lure in the millennial generation for city life. Millennials’ are frantically buying real estate <2 miles from this high homicide area. For the sake of the millennials’, let’s hope a spillover in crime does not occur in their neighborhoods.


Published on May 7, 2017

Alastair Williamson tours the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore City, Maryland armed with a drone and I-phone 7. Baltimore is descending into chaos with the homicide rate surging to levels that are deemed crisis. The mayor has called upon the Federal Government for help to restore order in the city. Homicides are skyrocketing with projections more than 400 with 2017. This is a first hand view of the areas where homicides are spiraling out of control. For more Coverage visit: and

N.S.: The graphics are powerful, but Alastair Williamson’s commentary is worthless.

Blacks completely caused this in Balto and elsewhere. They ran off the jobs and the white middle class, and then the black middle class followed.


Anonymous said...

Even with gentrification for any whitey to walk less than a block beyond the "developed" are is to put your life in mortal danger.

Basso e Grasso said...

White millennials should settle in rural areas and learn the skills of hunting, fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry and target shooting, i.e., survivalism. When it all comes falling down, Caucasians living in big cities will have to worry about being literally eaten.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:Comey fired.

Anonymous said...

give a white man a brick and he will build a city, give a black man a city and he will make bricks. Every major city in America that is ran by blacks is a mess and sooner or later will look just like Baltimore. And the black leaders will be blaming whites

Anonymous said...

"give a black man a city and he will make bricks"

Called an Alley Apple [brick] in Philadelphia. Remember that if you have to take the Black IQ test.