Friday, May 05, 2017

Metro NY: “New York Sex Crimes Prosecutor Sexually Assaults Woman: Police”; Prosecutors Had "Disappeared" Two of His Previous Arrests


Sex crime suspect/prosecutor, Crismy "Chris" Sagaille

By Reader-Researcher “B”

Another day, another AA outrage, this time a real-life “sex crimes prosecutor” who was arrested for sexual assault, despite “working” as an Assistant District Attorney in Kings (Brooklyn) County since 2013, after being hit in the head (apologies, “graduating”) with a degree from New York University Law School.

But in the long-standing NYC tradition of granting innumerable “2nd chances” to those possessing black privilege, not only was he not fired following a DWI arrest last August, but he had TWO prior additional arrests, the details of which are unknown because they remain “sealed.”
Just not to be believed.

There have been plenty of examples of people with prior arrests allowed to become cops, apparently you can now somehow hold onto a job with the DA, in the sex crimes unit no less, when you yourself are a sex criminal. Looks like the cycle has become complete: it's a brave new world, indeed.

At Metro.

In the New York Daily News.



David In TN said...

Think this one will be "ripped from the headlines" for Law and Order SVU?

Oh it might be, by reversing the races.

Anonymous said...

“This employee has been on suspension without pay since Aug. 6, 2016, following his arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated.”

In the realm of the unbelievable but it's true. To be employed by the City of New York, a candidate can have prior arrests, be a convicted felon AND be an illegal alien. What they can't have is open warrants.
You have 24 hours to report your arrest to HR.

Since NYC Agencies are overwhelmingly staffed by those from the Caribbean, African countries, China, South America, Pakistan, India, Bengla Desh.. who really knows what credentials or prior criminal history any of them have. They can be fabricating any number of things. You dumb Americans.

He sounds like he originates from a former British colony. Who was the women handling him after he was bailed out? His babysitter?

Anonymous said...

No surprise as DiBlasio has made NY a sanctuary city for minorities to wreak
havoc,with no fear of punishment.Blacks are probably covering up for each other in all these areas of government jobs.They don't squeal on each other on the streets,they sure as hell won't do it as supposed protectors of society either.Putting a black in charge of justice and law enforcement is like trusting a wild lion to keep a zeal (group) of zebras from harm.
And if you're an attractive white woman,God help you.
--GR Anonymous