Wednesday, May 03, 2017

“It’s all about race, and race, and race. That’s all it is”; Read My New Report on the Michael Slager Case!



By Nicholas Stix

To work a variation on Sol Wachtler’s remark about a grand jury being willing to indict a ham sandwich, you could get an all-black (or black and Hispanic) jury to convict a block of Swiss cheese for being white, or acquit a cup of coffee, for being black.


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Anonymous said...

Agree.Time served and released.And a new identity is mandatory to avoid a revenge murder attempt on HIS life by all those deeply forgiving blacks.Maybe he could write a book about his life as a LEO in the hood.Start a dialogue--from HIS perspective--of having to engage with these low intelligence,highly criminal blacks every lousy day.I'd read an expose like that--guaranteed.