Tuesday, May 02, 2017

AA WASHINGTON (ABC7) — DC Police say are looking for suspects who got out of a car and fired around 30 shots near many children and adults at a Capitol Hill intersection Monday

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Washington Dee Cee is my hometown.

Number 1 on the hit parade with a bullet. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


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Anonymous said...

The nationwide black terrorism attacks continue.If Muslims were instigating this type of violence,at the pace the blacks are ACTUALLY doing it,there'd be marshall law enacted.
What are WE doing as a country to change what's happening?Nothing.Bury the dead,hide the news,go to sleep...and repeat it again tomorrow.
And Charles Barkley has the gall to put a series out on TBS--"Race in America."
Barkley seems like a guy who tries to promote an image of being outspoken,but the odds are,this will repeat the same dishonest dialogue we always hear.
Will there be studies on black(lack of)intelligence and genetic traits that seem to cause blacks to become sociopathic?Will that be discussed?If not,it won't be a show looking for the truth.I've read studies that the MAOA-L gene is found in blacks,at a many times higher rate than whites.It won't be discussed,because in the society that's set up presently,what the hell would we do with all the genetically effed up blacks?Round them up? (Sounds like a plan).Genetics doesn't explain everything though,does it.
Will blacks be given a pass for their behavior?Will whites be blamed for the riots and daily shootings and black crime in our cities?
If so,the program is a waste of time and money.Pandering to minorities,breaks no new ground.A REAL discussion of what whites find repulsive about blacks,would get them assaulted or shot.
I've had discussions with blacks on a local blogsite on how neighborhoods collapse when they move in.These streets literally dive into filth and crime, in short order.I've witnessed it personally.The blacks blame the whites and laugh because they destroyed another area.
THAT won't be brought up.
Blacks going after white women?Introducing them to drugs and the welfare/addict lifestyle.
None of this will be pointed out,I'm sure.If I catch some of it,I'll give a review.If I do watch the program though,it will be because nothing else was on at the time.Supposedly premiers Sunday after the NBA games on TBS.
--GR Anonymous