Sunday, March 06, 2016

Yonkers, New York: Yet Another Black-on-White Murder (#ColinFlaherty Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Note that although the murder was clearly premeditated, the black shooter was only charged with Murder 2, and his accomplices weren’t charged with murder at all. That’s what I call criminal justice affirmative action.

Note too that the vic was covered in tats, suggesting he was also a gang-banger. (P.S.: The quality of those tats is much better than what I typically see on gangbangers and jailbirds of any race.)



Anonymous said...

On "60 minutes" tonight,one of the segments was about death row inmates.They interviewed a Mexican and a black.They both killed whites.The Mexican killed a cop after a traffic stop.The black robbed a white of 40 dollars and shot his head off.But most people probably didn t even notice the race factor.Both prisoners-at least-were executed(jn Texas).
It was surprising they showed the victims.We need more stories like this on our airwaves and newspapers.

Anonymous said...

That Mexican for the purposes of statistical record keeping was probably counted as a whitey.

Anonymous said...

The perp is charged with 2nd degree murder, will plead to 3rd degree and get at the most five years and serve maybe half that time.

S Ss said...

Sounds like the guy had beaten his murderer's friend before that.

Live by the fist, die by the gun.