Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Truth About Donald Trump, or the Truth About PolitiFact?


Anonymous said...

Lester Holt is going to lead off tonights Negro Nightly News with a clip of a 78 year old Trump supporter punching a black guy being led out of a Trump rally.One for us for a change....

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump had to cancel his rally tonight in Chicago,citing security concerns.Mexicans yelled in triumph after hearing of the cancellation.Scuffles broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump Mexicans.In St.Louis,blacks were holding up KKK signs and fighting with white Trump supporters.Do we have a race war starting as we speak?
Trump cancelling in Chicago reminded me of the Frank Sinatra/Larry King fake interview I posted on here--specifically Sinatra having to cancel a concert in Chicago because of security concerns.It wasn t that much of a stretch I guess.
--GR anonymous