Sunday, March 06, 2016

Listen as a Prophet Describes Obama’s Politics—in 1974 (Video)

By Nicholas Stix

In calling Robert Welch “a prophet,” I was engaging in hyperbole. Welch devoted his adult life to studying and fighting the Red menace. If he sounds like a prophet, it is because no one was as clear-eyed in observing creeping communism, or as fearless in publicly saying what he saw.

Did he go over board at times, such as in his attacks on Ike, whom he tarred as a Red? Sure, he did. Who doesn’t, at times? I sure do. Put it this way: Who cared more about saving America, William F. Buckley, or Robert Welch? In a sign of things to come, once Buckley would become decadent and corrupt, he ex-communicated Welch from the conservative movement.


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Anonymous said...

None of his demands have happened. Just the opposite.