Monday, March 07, 2016

If CPAC 2016 Shows Us Anything, It’s that the Conservative Movement is Incapable of Reforming Itself; Change Will Have to be Forced upon It

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Laughable political math:
Watching the debates (not every minute-who could do THAT?)over the last 4 days,the candidates have latched onto "new math" to back their own opinions of the strength of their candidacies against the other party in November.
Case in point:Trump leads the Republicans,but Cruz says polls show Trump would lose to Clinton and Cruz would defeat her handily.Kasich comes back and says even though he can t beat Cruz OR Rubio,he beats Clinton in the polls even more than Cruz or Trump.Rubio can t defeat Cruz OR Trump,but he s ahead of Clinton also.Trump beats all 3 but can t defeat Hillary.
Bernie Sanders can t beat Clinton but he said he fares better than Clinton against Trump.
"She s ahead of him also,but not as much as I am".
So in warped political math,we should pick the candidate with the lowest delegate totals to defeat the other parties most popular person.Only clueless politicians can think this way.Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

As an afterthought:With math like wonder we have such a budget deficit.