Tuesday, March 01, 2016

How Many RNC Clichés Have Slutservatives and Political Saboteurs been Endlessly Repeating Against Trump? This is a Group Game!

By Nicholas Stix

Come on gang, and pitch in.

• “Trump = Hitler”
• “Trump lacks civility” (see #1)
• “Trump is not a conservative”
• “Trump is a Democrat” (see #3)
• “Trump is destroying the Republican Party” (granted, it’s very similar to #3)
• “Trump = Mussolini” (see #1)
• “Trump is a KKKer” (it’s just #1 all over again)

So far, I’ve got at most only two different clichés—“Trump = Hitler” and “Trump is not a conservative”—and five variations, or just one (“Trump = Hitler”), and six variations.

When I first got online, in January 2000, I was very impressed with the level of conservative political writing. After a few year, I became disenchanted. I think that was because:

• As the newness wore off, I became more discerning;
• As the Clinton White House gave way to the Bush II White House, attack dogs became lap dogs;
• Sam Francis died;
• Joe Sobran died;
• Racial socialists began destroying their critics’ lives;
• “Conservatives” began destroying their right-of-center critics’ lives; and
• “Conservative” political discourse, like all discourse in America, went into free-fall.

Please add to the collection.

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Anonymous said...

So what if Trump was all those bad things as alleged. The voters decide, don't they!