Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hillary Clinton Supports SUNY Albany Hate Crime/Race Hoax

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

Third white Marine attacked by blacks:

'Marine Corps veteran says he became target of hate crime'

"Police say a responding officer to the attack noted seeing Gray stumbling around disoriented. He went to the officer, stated he was a former Marine and said he was punched by three black men who kept referring to him as "white."


White male construction worker attacked by blacks (believes it was a hate crime):

'Construction worker recalls uptown Charlotte attack; 4 teens arrested'

"The victim believes the root of his attack was his race.

When I was sitting in that lobby, they didn't say anything to any African-American or black or however you want to put it. But as soon as any white person went through, they had something to say to them," he said."