Saturday, March 12, 2016

Did You Know What Donald Trump Said?!

By Nicholas Stix

Actually, he didn’t say it, but the truth never matters to blacks, when they want to spread a blood libel against a white.

Last night, a big, American black woman of about 55, whom The Boss works with was saying, “Donald Trump said, ‘They used to lynch the niggers.’”


Anonymous said...

All Don Trump was going to do was speak at the rally, but that is too much for these creeps who will not allow the right to speak. These violent scumbags must be stood up to with whatever it takes to stop them.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Trumps success can be measured by the idiots who come out to attack him--from Romney on the right to Blacklivesmatter on the left.That leaves a large swath of voters who are on Trumps side.The panic is palpable from the Washington Post and Weekly Standard and similar outlets and also from groups who should be their polar opposites (example: BLM and,but are now allies in a smear campaign.
Hannity tried to get Trump into a racial discussion last night-in a post-riot interview.
Hannity:You have to expect something like this from a city that has a black murder at a rate of 16-18 a weekend and no gun control.
Trump:I like Chicago,some parts are not good though--they re angry at no jobs. (Who would hire a black with a criminal record starting at age 12 and a high school dropout?)
Trump tried not to get caught up in the racial issue.But honest talk about blacks and Mexicans is desperately needed.REAL honest talk--not filtered and influenced by CNN types.Nicholas--your time is coming to bring the facts about race to the public.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

black cashier told me that Donald Trump will make black people slaves, she's afraid of him. Ghetto propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Those comments by blacks are just a function of stupidity. They simply don't have the intellectual ability to understand the absurdity. No, not all blacks, but 90% of them will nod their heads in agreement at those ridiculous statements. Some whites also, but 90% will comprehend how ludicrous those comments are. That's the difference between white and black America. I'm not making this up, just stop blacks and whites on the street and ask them, or just listen to blacks talk to each other, they openly say that kind of idiocy to each other all the time. It's absolutely true. jerry pdx