Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago: Neo-Nazis Engage in Massive, Planned Riot; Google Images Censor Pics



By Nicholas Stix

These were Bernie Sanders supporters—will Sanders disavow them?

Will there be a criminal investigation into the conspiracy that planned and carried out the riots, or the refusal of Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Police Department to do its job? Don’t hold your breath.

At Google Images for the past 24 hours, one finds nothing.




Anonymous said...

The start of race wars and racial riots?OF course the blacks don t like the fact that Obama is headed out the door.Not that Trump has insinuated anything racist--CNN has-to ignite any of this.Throw in Soros and to stir the pot and you have a change to probable chaos now at any Trump rally.Trump shouldn t have cancelled.He probably won t again.Let hell break loose.Then we can see what s really happening in this country.Blacks and Mexicans with their hatred of law and work and Whites with their hatred of what blacks and Mexicans are doing to this country.
--GR Anonymous

Chicago guy said...

This country has had riots all over for the past number of years. I wonder where all this is going. This seems to be the usual group of professional protesters that have been everywhere. I wonder how many have strings that lead elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Slambama will have to declare martial law and cancel the elections in order to maintain law and order.

Anonymous said...

No wonder ALL the Black candidates running in the Chicago elections ALL support "Gun Control." There's even one attacking an Illinois representative for voting FOR "Concealed Carry." Blacks want total dominance in the streets and CTA transportation, which is why ALL the cosmopolitans in Chicago support gun bans and illegal gun restrictions. Too bad suburbanites surrounding Chicago are too stupid to realize this, so we are stuck with assault weapon and magazine bans.

On the other hand, there must be some semblance of intelligent life in the area, as I hear on WIND(560) ads for DSA marketing their locally manufactured AR-15s and FAL rifles. On the Rush Limbaugh show this week (WLS-890), I actually heard an ad for FN, the Belgium gun maker. The ad did NOT mention handguns, so FN must be marketing the full range of their weapons, including the SCAR, AR-15, M-4, semi-auto M249 as well as handguns. The gun makers are no longer afraid of the news media and anti-gun politicians.