Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Profile in Cowardice: Ohio Gov. John Kasich Rips Off the Folksy, Preacherly Mask, and Exposes the Darkness Within (Graphic)

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Anonymous said...

These guys would orgasm if they had 1/10th the fervent following of Trump.The jealousy they have is palpable.They cannot understand why people prefer Trumps off the cuff musings to their scripted artificial garbage.Kasich is a stiff,Rubio doesn t have a clue and Cruz is a weasel.Trump may not know all the intricate details of every subject that s brought up,but he gives answers as best he can with the info he has at the time.Changing his views is not a negative for me as long as he sticks to his main themes.Rubio telling people how to vote to extend is hopeless campaign is foolish and a waste of time.Of course the "mainstream" Republicans have all plotted this out and the three non-Trump candidates are just pawns in the chess game.Pathetic.
--Gr Anonymous