Sunday, December 06, 2015

World’s Leading Terrorist to Give Speech Tonight on How He Intends to Extend His War Against Law-Abiding, White, Christian Americans

By Nicholas Stix

The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” has been giving clues for days via his various ventriloquist dummies at places like CNN, the New York Times, New York Daily News, etc.

He will continue spinning the Moslem attack in San Bernardino as “workplace violence” carried out by “mentally ill” people, and say “Enough” to gun rights. “Obama” will then detail a plan to eliminate the Second Amendment, in favor of “common sense gun safety” guidelines, which he intends to unconstitutionally impose on the American people.

He will give Republicans the option of surrendering the Bill of Rights, and signing off on some enabling act of his. Otherwise, he will use his “pen and phone.”

He will also announce that Criminal General Loretta Lynch will be investigating white Americans who criticize Islam for “possible hate crimes,” and that CG Lynch will also be investigating the Chicago Police Department for possible violations of the right to commit violent crimes of black and Hispanic Chicago criminals.

Together we can beat white people.

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