Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Two Reasons Terrorists Chose Their Target for Mass Murder in San Bernardino

By Nicholas Stix

1. It was a gun-free zone; and
2. The center served the mentally retarded, who are not known for their mental or physical resourcefulness.

Rumored death toll, at present: 14.

Soon, when the media and “Obama” learn that the killers were not neo-Nazis with NRA memberships, they’ll have to re-spin the whole story, or send it down the memory hole.

At MyCentralOregon.

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Anonymous said...

No descriptions of suspects have been released. It's clear there are survivors that saw them but I can find no public announcements describing what the public should be looking for. Why the hell not? The first few hours after a crime are the most crucial for capturing the perps and for public safety but the media and police appear to be playing their usual games. Dare I say it's because the race of the perps may not fit the narrative of the lone white male the media is always desperately promoting? OK, I hate to say that because if the shooters turn out to be white then I've got egg on my face but it's happened before when the media/police are coy about descriptions and even if that's not the case in this shooting it will happen again. Jerry pdx

I do predict that if the media can get away with obscuring or covering up the racial identity of a non white shooter it will - just like it did with Chris Harper Mercer.