Saturday, December 12, 2015

MSM Promote Fresh, Hot, Hate Crime Hoax Out of Chicago!

Chicagoan Sharareh Delara Drury doesn’t look one bit Moslem

By Nicholas Stix

"Days and weeks and years after that horrible day, I have been told somehow me or my mother's family are the cause, that we are evil and going to Hell."


I say she’s just another hoaxer. She doesn’t even look Middle Eastern. No one would think of her as Middle-Eastern.

When white Americans tell of real hate crimes, the MSM refuse to report on them. But let someone lie, in asserting anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Moslem, anti-gay “hate,’ and the media fall all over themselves to promote it. Shame on you.

Note too that at Sharareh Delara Drury’s Facebook page, although she has permitted some comments, it’s somehow impossible to comment, only to “like” and to “share.”

Over at Refinery 29, a blog that is promoting the hoax, reader murphypete, whose comment was the only one standing, remarked,
I've been riding buses in Chicago for over 30 years, and I've never seen such a unprovoked racist screaming and spitting attack. No less, such an attack, perpetrated by a man in a suit, against a young professional woman. It must have been quite a scene. Absolutely terrifying!
And the victim of the attack just happened to be a woman of part-Iranian ancestry, when the hot topic of the day is acceptance of Muslim immigrants. And she also just happened to be a journalist/blogger who promotes herself as being a particularly creative story teller.
I can't wait to hear the 911 tapes, see the smart phone videos, see the bus' security video, read the bus driver's incident report, and read the police report, including all the detail in the witness statements. And see the guy's mug shot and the details of the charges filed against him. A guy in a suit and tie sounds like a lawyer or banker. Arrested for committing physical assault on a crowded Michigan Ave bus...when the arrest report comes out, his career is over.
She did call 911. Right? And she swore out a complaint? There are always dozens of cops on Michigan Ave. And bus drivers are trained to call the cops for the least bit of a disturbance. And bus drivers are required to file incident reports. I'm sure the guy was arrested immediately.
And it must have been all over the local news, with dramatic accounts from eyewitnesses and an interview with the heroic bus driver. But I didn't see it on the news. I must have just missed it.

Woman's Facebook Post on Hate Speech Incident on City Bus Goes Viral
By Katie Kim
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A Chicago woman said she was the target of hate-filled speech on a city bus, and her Facebook post about the incident has since gone viral. NBC 5's Katie Kim reports. (Published 26 minutes ago)
A Chicago woman said she was the target of hate-filled speech on a city bus, and her Facebook post about the incident has since gone viral.
Sharareh Drury said she was on a CTA bus leaving work in the South Loop when the 27-year-old noticed a man in a suit and tie.
“He seemed like a guy I would work with or a regular business man from Chicago,” Drury said.
However, the man began yelling and gesturing toward Drury.
“I tried to ignore it but I noticed he started pointing at me and doing a point like, hey you, you need to get off,” said.
Drury - who is Iranian-American - was wearing a scarf around her head to keep warm. She said the man yelled racist insults at her for five minutes, though she asked him to leave her alone.
“He spit at the ground at me and said that's what I think of you,” Drury said. “He said you don't belong in this country. You’re not American.”
Drury says she stood up for herself, and the bus driver finally kicked the man off.

“When I got home, it started to really affect me,” Drury said. “Not so much what he did but no one, no one really did anything to help me.”
Drury expressed her feelings about her experience on Facebook, a post that has since gone viral with well-wishers giving her the support her fellow bus riders didn't.

Sharareh Delara Drury
· 7 December at 21:02 · Chicago, IL ·
Today. On a crowded bus. On Michigan Avenue. On my way home from a great job in a city in a diverse country that I was born in.
A man screamed at me. Called me a sand ni**er. Told me I was the problem. That I need to get the fuck out of his country.
I may have been wearing my scarf higher on my head than usual because it was cold out. I may have somehow looked suspicious listening to Spotify. I am half Iranian, so maybe it was my skin or my eyes.
But 5 minutes of this at least went on with no one doing anything. Me telling him calmly to back off. Me telling him I would call the cops and me trying to get my gloves off to dial.
Then this man spits at me. A man in a suit and tie. Like anyone else I'd see. He spits at me and looks at me with these regular eyes now filled with anger and tells me to get the fuck off the bus, do what I'm told, because this isn't my country. This isn't my place.
That's when I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to back off. That's when people decided to maybe help and tell him to stop. That got the attention of the bus driver to kick him out.
I'm home now in my nice apartment in a nice part of Chicago with my fiancé and my cat. Sitting in a room looking out at the lights of other apartments. Wondering how many others out there got screamed at and told today this isn't their country, that they're worthless somehow, that they don't matter. How many?
My father was in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and survived. Days and weeks and years after that horrible day, I have been told somehow me or my mother's family are the cause, that we are evil and going to Hell. That Iranians, that Middle Eastern people, that Muslims are less than human.
I am a mixture like so many in this country today.
I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. It's one of the most patriotic cities in America. My ancestor Hugh Drury is buried in the oldest graveyard in Boston, and he helped contribute to the building blocks of what would become the United States of America.
And yes I'm also Iranian. My mother's family came here to seek incredible opportunities and they found them. They've become doctors and entrepreneurs and athletes and writers and singers.
I have family who are Muslim.
have family who are Catholic.
I have family who enjoy laughing and talking and dancing and drinking till they're silly.
And I am American. and this is my country. I do belong here. My roots are planted here.
I'm here and I belong. I won't get off the bus.
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Anonymous said...

The Lying Press.

mjs925 said...

I have no doubt that an incident similar to this could happen. Islamophopia is sweeping the country. But, I agree this particular account is suspect. A woman in western dress, who makes her living as a creative writer, is verbally accosted on a city bus over the course of several minutes by a man in a suit in tie?? If true, it should be verified. If false, it should be exposed. The truth matters.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, she looks very much Middle Eastern, look at the shape of the eyes, don't always go by the image portrayed by the media of 'other peoples' look.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Boo fucking hoo. If they were taking Muslims and cutting their heads off on camera in Youtube videos, I still wouldn't care.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick.
Saw your article in True News USA today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging about this! I contacted CTA Media Relations and their FOIA officer about this story and this is the response I received:

"Good morning. The CTA has received no report of the alleged incident. (You can also check with the Chicago Police Department to see if it received any report). The Facebook post referencing the incident did not have many details, including either the route number, location or time of day.

CTA has reviewed video from buses that ran routes on Michigan Avenue on the date in question, and we found no video that depicts the description in the Facebook post.

Thank you."

I have asked Refinery29 and NBC5 to either pony up some evidence, or post a retraction. No comment from either as of yet.

Hate crimes are reprehensible; making false accusations to advance an agenda are equally so.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any updates on this? or is NBC just hoping the story will go away so they don't have to admit they helped this socialmedialite spread her garbage.