Thursday, December 03, 2015

Mishandling of Evidence and a Fired Whistle-Blower: The Michael Slager-Walter Scott Case is Looking More and More Like a Replay of the George Zimmerman Fiasco

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Walter Scott Shooting Update – SLED Agent Fired After Exposing Sketchy Investigation Adverse to Officer Michael Slager…
Posted on December 3, 2015 by sundance

This is interesting and deserves being back on the radar. In South Carolina the prosecution of Officer Michael Slager (Walter Scott Shooting) continues.

In a remarkable similarity to the fraudulent prosecutorial investigation of State Attorney Angela Corey in the ’12/’13 Zimmerman case, in South Carolina another rogue and racially inspired prosecution appears to be heading down a similar path adverse to Officer Slager.

Despite defense requesting “preservation of evidence”, and despite a judges order affirming the presentation, the State of South Carolina prosecutorial team shipped the Taser out of state without trying to protect DNA evidence…

[Read the whole thing at The Last Refuge.]


Anonymous said...

Breaking news:Jermaine Cooper arrested in Detroit after a standoff with police.After a 5 hour wait,police threw teargas in a home on Detroits West Side.Great police work.Cooper was wanted in the GR murder of white woman Melissa Moore.

Anonymous said...

First the routine traffic stop for the broken [?] tail light. Then the first chase. Then the wrestling on the ground. Then Scott takes the taser away from the cop and fires at Slager [it did not go off but the darts did hit Slager]. Then Scott runs and is shot and killed. All the media shows is the shooting of Scot. Keep in mind what went on before that.

Taking the taser away from the cop and firing it [even if it did not work] Scott was saying to Slager, "I am trying to kill you!!"

Anonymous said...

The taser when holstered does look like a gun. Scott went to the taser thinking it was a gun?