Friday, December 11, 2015

Migration and Immigrant Mass Murder Cause America and France to Turn Right (Pat Buchanan)

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

Farouk and Malik were blended in US society--their intentions hidden to all.No terrorist watch list or hint of any attacks.So when Homeland Security or the FBI has a press conference to announce "there are no confirmed threats of terrorism we are tracking".I ll add 4 words--"THAT THEY KNOW OF".
This one,like others that will succeed,completely escaped their detection--and there are others no doubt occurring as I write this..These two had been radicalized for TWO YEARS without detection.Seriously,there are just too many people to keep track of...too many ways to fool authorities.Fake passports and IDs are obvious methods,but the REAL problem we have are the Muslims who have ALREADY fooled everyone for years and are trusted by their fellow Americans (REAL AMERICANS).All pilots with any hint of Middle East heritage should be thouroughly checked by the FBI--as that will be the way the next stupendous attack will occur.After 9/11,I thought step 2 of using airplanes as weapons would be done with this method.Continued attacks by our military in the Mideast would at some point anger a closet Islamist to action.So when we hear" Relax...there s no chatter,no terror activity we are watching"---it means nothing.We ve seen that in San Bernadino.