Monday, December 07, 2015

Jihadis Marching on Europe Order White Christians, “Open or Die”


Fake refugees; translation: Die… or die!

By Nicholas Stix

If white Christians open their borders to Moslems, they shall surely die.

Note the similarity of the rhetoric to that of reconquistas already in America, who have already made plain their plan to annihilate white, yet who tell white Christian voters that if they oppose amnesty, the reconquistas will get even later.

I don’t think the similarity is any coincidence.

Brenda Walker writes:

“Middle Easterners continue to invade Europe en masse to grab a First-World lifestyle or for the purpose of future jihad attacks. In world history, 2015 will be remembered as the beginning year of Europe’s great demographic replacement. These days, the invaders don’t pretend to be poor war-fleeing refugees, if they ever did, although some of the hordes come from a Syria, a place where war is actually going on.”

Read the whole thing at VDARE.

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Anonymous said...

Trump has it right proposing a ban on Muslims coming in.The US also had it right in WW2 with keeping the Japanese from causing problems with internment least the idea was right--maybe not the execution of it.The US used to be a melting pot,when white Europeans immigrated here with a work ethic to succeed.There were no mass murderers or rapists as there are from immigrant Mexicans and Muslims today.This is not a melting pot 's a toilet bowl for the rest of the world to drop its crap into---and we take them.This country is barely recognizable anymore from 40 years ago.It s not better,it s deteriorating economically and it s less safe.Everyone howling about what we should stand for morally as an argument against stopping unlimited immigration of ALL kinds of people better realize where this country is headed---down the swirling drain.I hope Trump is serious about this topic and not just looking for more PR.He DOES seem to like controversy---but I think we need to be hit in the head a few times to understand what needs to be done...plenty.I agree with 99% of his ideas.