Friday, December 04, 2015

It’s Over: The FBI Has Sabotaged Its Own Investigation of Moslem Terrorist San Bernardino Killers; So, Does Suspecting Obama of a Cover-Up Get One Hung with the “Paranoid” “Conspiracy Theory” Tag?

By Nicholas Stix

Obama’s FBI let crime scene at killer’s home be completely contaminated. They made no effort to seal it off, and the landlord has invited in the neighborhood, journalists, even a lady with her dog!

CNN’s Paul Callan said the FBI “Turned a terrorist mass murder crime into a garage sale.”


David In TN said...

An ex-college professor ("I hate white guys") of my acquaintance told me Thursday he thought "CNN is as bad as Fox News."

Anonymous said...

Fox reporting that Obama sent Attorney General Lynch to the FBI press conference to make sure the FBI director"didn t go overboard" in explaining it was terrorism in San Bernadino.How can you go overboard OR underboard if you just tell the truth?