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First Amendment? We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ First Amendment! Is Judge Joseph Canada’s Current Project Turning Jack Turner and Other Dissident Whites into Slaves?

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, on this case, at

“The Death of the First Amendment: More Legal Lynchings of White Men.”] Editor/Publisher Peter Brimelow asked me if I wished to comment on the following story. My considered response is G)dd@5$0nof@~*&#$!

I’ll fix my keyboard, while you read the story below. And while you do, I ask that you keep a running count of Roanoke Times reporter Neil Harvey’s mentions of the First Amendment.

Rocky Mount man sentenced to 6 months for hanging noose in yard

“Jack Eugene Turner Violated conditions of his release.”

By Neil Harvey 981-3376
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 11:07 a.m.
The Roanoke Times

The Rocky Mount man who suspended a life-sized dummy in his front yard was given a six-month jail sentence Tuesday for violating a Virginia statute that prohibits hanging a noose to intimidate someone.

Just before his arrest in June, Jack Eugene Turner admitted that he made the display because of an ongoing dispute with his next-door neighbors on Lindsey Lane, a family who is black. In September, Turner was found guilty of the Class 6 felony and had faced up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine. It's believed that he's the first person in the state to be convicted of the charge.

In addition to the active sentence, Judge Joseph Canada also gave Turner 4-1/2 years in suspended time and ordered him to be on good behavior after his release.

Judge Joseph Canada and Ruby, December 4, 2009 (photo added by Nicholas Stix)

“This is a message to others who would do something like this,” Canada said of the punishment. "If you have a problem with your neighbor, move or put your shades down."

Dozens of people turned out for Turner’s sentencing hearing, crowding the 10 benches in Franklin County Circuit Court to capacity.

“All African-American people in Franklin County need to know that a [white] person who displays a noose is going to be punished,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Dwight Rudd said in his arguments.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Dwight Rudd (photo added by Nicholas Stix)

But some of those in attendance took issue with the fact that Turner didn’t get more time.

“I just think it’s a ridiculous sentence,” Ruby Penn of Union Hall said after the hearing, outside the court house.

“It’s just giving him permission to terrorize the people in that neighborhood."

“Imagine the children he has threatened in their homes,” added Gloria Freeman-Martin, also a Franklin County resident. “Gun rights laws need to be removed for people like him. You don’t know what he can do next.”

Turner, who had no prior record, is now a convicted felon and upon his release from jail will not legally be allowed to own a firearm.

At the end of his hearing, Turner apologized to his neighbors and said he’d lived on the street for more than 16 years without incident.

“I regret this incident. It’s been blown out of proportion,” he said. “I did something stupid that I regret.

“This will never happen again.”

But Turner’s case was not helped by the fact that last week, while free on bond, he violated the conditions of his release by posting a spray-painted sign in his yard that read “Black n------ lives don’t matter. Got rope?”

Turner was arrested again and his bond revoked until his hearing Tuesday, a point cited by Canada during sentencing.

You probably guessed the answer before reading the story: zero.

Neil Harvey (who is white) also forgot to even mention the name of Jack Turner’s defense attorney, Holland Perdue. Harvey didn’t even feign writing a news story. He just acted as stenographer to a group hate.

(Journalism schools these days do not function, in order to train aspiring reporters how to write news stories; rather, they are ideological hothouses which exist to cull candidates who lack the proper racial socialist hatred and propensity to defame normal, patriotic, Christian whites. Should a candidate make it through the political indoctrination center of “J-school,” but forget his place on the job, he will be reminded by one or more of the political enforcers who dominate every newsroom in America.)

My hunch is that the women Harvey quoted were black, and that the strangers who filled the courtroom were overwhelmingly, if not entirely black.

Judge Canada is a good Republican, so pc that the articles I read about him either downplayed that fact, or plum forgot to mention it.

The Virginia noose law is an unconstitutional, political law that singles out whites engaging in expressive or symbolic speech for disenfranchisement, treating them as second-class citizens. The law violates their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights up front, and then leverages that outrage, by eliminating their Second (right to keep and bear arms), Fifth (due process), Eighth (cruel and unusual punishment) and Fifteenth (right to vote, in spite of being white) amendment rights.

Look at what Judge Canada did: He revoked Turner’s bond, asserting that the defendant had “violated” its terms, and had him jailed again. Thus, Judge Canada went even beyond the unconstitutional noose law, to capriciously violate Jack Turner’s freedom of speech, and his liberty. In doing so, the judge is clearly sending an illegal message to Turner that, if he survives prison, he’d better not enjoy his First Amendment or any other liberties as an American citizen, because Canada (who is now 76), or one of his fellow jurists will then violate Jack Turner yet again. Finally, he coerced Turner into humiliating himself by publicly apologizing, when he had nothing to apologize for (i.e., he hadn’t committed any crime beyond engaging in extremely tacky behavior), because the judge had the power of life and death over Turner, who will be lucky to survive six months in prison without being murdered, and/or gang-raped, and/or infected with HIV by racist black prisoners.

Judge Canada heaped violations on top of violations of Jack Turner’s civil rights, and is teaching Turner to get used to being a slave for the rest of his natural life. Or hang himself.

From my previous report:

A 2009 Virginia statute makes it a felony to display a noose with the intent of intimidating someone. Prosecutor Robert Deatherage said he believes this is the first time someone had been convicted under the statute. [NS: note late date—in other words, this legislation is not a response to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement but to the modern Cultural Marxist Reign of Terror.]

Since Turner’s arrest, he has displayed a Confederate flag on his porch and another in a window that faces the Mitchells’ home, witnesses said. [NS: Note how the “reporter” insinuates that displaying a Confederate flag is somehow a crime.]

“If he can hang a noose, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I fear for my family’s safety,” John Mitchell said in court. [NS: In other words, Turner never threatened them.]

Defense attorney Holland Perdue argued the noose was displayed on private property, while the state law applies to nooses displayed in a “public place.” He said in this case, it amounted to constitutionally protected free speech. [NS: Finally, someone remembers the First Amendment!] The defense plans to appeal the judge’s decision, Perdue said.

[Virginia man convicted of hanging black-faced dummy by noose in yard by AP, WJLA, September 23, 2015.]

Turner is scheduled to be sentenced December 8. He could face up to five years in prison and fines of up to $2,500.

In an interview, Holland Perdue tells me that state legislatures have prerogatives to limit freedom of speech that the federal government lacks, but that in Virginia, people have more freedom of speech on their private property, as opposed to on public property. That’s why he thinks he can win on appeal.


Anonymous said...

Hate crime? Black man enters home and knifes a white child to death, he also injured the boys sisters but did not succeed in killing them. I couldn't find any article that brought up the question of whether this could be a hate crime. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

Isn t it MORE threatening and intimidating to drive or walk down a street that used to be white and see blacks on their cellphones on their porches and sidewalks telling you to "get out of our part of town" or "we got this area now".I ve driven down streets and gotten yelled at and my friend-riding a bike-was told to "get your white ass out".That s okay?Of course it is---and we know why.Try to let sleeping nigs lie.Don t rile them up by telling them what to do but white people need to be educated on the new rules of the United States.
1.Your city only wants your tax dollars
2.We wont back you up for fear of riots
3.We wont discuss why this happening because that would indicate it would change.
4.If you don t like it--Move.

Anonymous said...

The road to hell in America is lined with judges, judges and more judges.

Always be thinking JUDICIAL NULLIFICATION if chosen for jury duty.