Saturday, December 12, 2015

ACLU Board Member Resigns After Urging People to Kill Supporters of Donald Trump

By David in TN

Why all the fuss? It was just an ACLU member exercising HIS freedom of speech.

At CBS Denver.

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Anonymous said...

There are a lot of wackos out there and it s getting worse every day.People are getting brainwashed about a lot of things and don t have the common sense anymore to filter out the B.S.People are so used to politicians lying,that when Trump is honest--they can t handle it.What he s saying about all this stuff is 100% true.
A moratorium on all immigrants pouring in the US is warranted.Unfortunately you can see where this is going.For some reason I just thought of George Wallace getting shot and just realized Trump is probably in more danger than he estimates.The Secret Service better stay on the ball---and what are the authorities going to do with this ACLU nutjob?They can t release him....he s totally bonkers.Sad country we live in.