Monday, September 03, 2012

Are You Supporting a Racist Coffee Chain? Boycott Starbucks!


By Nicholas Stix

Capital idea, Bradley!

I was unaware that Starbucks was such a pc outfit. Then again, I haven’t been inside of one since the mid-‘90s. That might have something to do with my having met The Boss. My understanding, as to the point of going to a Starbucks was:

1. To meet girls, though the few times I went to one, I didn’t leave with anyone’s phone number; and
2. To be able to sit for as long as you like, writing or reading, without being harassed by a vicious white feminist or gay black male waitress.

There was a Starbuck’s I once went to in Greenwich Village, on Sixth Avenue, between maybe West Fourth and West Eighth Street. I had a mocca or something—it was after dark, so it was past my coffee deadline, in those days—and asked the guy behind the counter where the men’s room was. He said it was broken.

I didn’t believe him, and so I never went back to that one, though I went to two or three other Starbucks coffee shops once or twice each, near West 23rd St, I think, and East 82nd or 86th, near Barnes & Nobles bookstores.

Why would I suspect the guy of lying? He was one of those SWPL white guys, and they’re always hostile to me. Plus, waitresses in New York City cafés are notoriously nasty, and the practice Starbucks founded of calling counter clerks “baristas” is an invitation to unprofessional behavior.

* * *

Why Don’t We Boycott?
By Peter Bradley
August 31, 2012
American Renaissance

Last month’s Chick-fil-A controversy got me thinking about boycotts (and retaliatory “buycotts”). In particular, I wondered why our side doesn’t do them.

The thought occurred to me again as I read an article called “Basketball Coaches and Starbucks Push for Affirmative Action.”

It was published at, a minority-oriented website that at least describes itself honestly as “a daily news site where race matters.”

The title of the article speaks for itself but here is a snippet:
They may be strange bedfellows, but there is one issue of national import that the National Association of Basketball Coaches, the Obama administration and Starbucks have come together to support: affirmative action….

Starbucks has a long history of anti-white activism. The company funded the opposition to the 1998 Washington Civil Rights Initiative, which targeted racial preferences in the state….

[Read the whole thing.]

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MB said...

I've never gone for the pledge to boycott stuff. To boycott PC company's products today would leave you without anything. I see a better opportunity in open support. Eat, or at least buy, at CFA every day, at least until they apologize and grovel. A couple of dollars a day are worth it.