Friday, December 02, 2011

Emma West’s Tram Ride, the Rights of Englishmen, and UK Totalitarianism (NSFW!)



By Nicholas Stix

Emma West is a pottymouth, no doubt. I detest people like her. She’s cursing her head off in front of her own toddler, and other people’s children.

Indeed, almost two years ago, on a New York City bus, when a 20-something Puerto Rican woman was cursing her head off on her cellphone, and the black Trinidadian driver threatened to throw her off if she didn’t stop, I vociferously backed the driver against a 20-something black American man who was alternately reporting everything, blow-for-blow, to a friend on his cellphone, and ordering the driver, “Your job is to just drive!”

With that said, however, Emma West is an Englishwoman, and the state had no right to arrest her for what she said, let alone to take away her children.

Last weekend, my son and I watched the Michael Powell-Emeric Pressburger wartime masterpiece, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943). At the end of the picture, it is World War II, the Battle of Britain. The protagonist’s long-time German friend, a former officer in the Kaiser’s army who has fled the Nazis, advises him that although in World War I, “right was might,” and the British won, in spite of holding on to their gentlemanly notions of fair play, that would not work against Nazis, and gentlemanly defeat was not an option.

So, too, today gentlemanly defeat against the alien hordes, and their domestic Fifth Column, is not an option.

[I got this video via libertarian philosopher Sean Gabb; see also Robert Henderson’s defense of West.]


Anonymous said...

A liberal Brit blogger I know always insist he lives in the land of the free. Yeah, right.

Mister Fox said...

I believe Emma is up today June the 11th.