Monday, February 14, 2011

Yet Another Wikipedia Cover-Up!

Alleged murderer Chaudry Rashid.

By Nicholas Stix

(For background, see:

“Wikipedia on Race: ‘World’s biggest encylopedia’ serves up propaganda”; and

“Wikipedia’s Censors are Hard at Work, Ensuring That Readers Do Not Learn about Crimes Committed by Members of ‘Protected Classes’ Against Members of ‘Non-Protected’ Classes.”)

Who is Chaudhry Rashid, and why should he matter to you?

As my VDARE editor-colleague James Fulford reports, Rashid is a Pakistani living in Georgia charged with having murdered his own daughter in an honor killing, two-and-a-half years ago.

But the censors at Wikipedia—you know, the cult co-founded by Jimmy Wales, who just raised $16 million in record time, under the fraudulent pretext that it was so that The Pretend Encyclopedia, as I call it, could keep readers better informed—are dedicated to keeping the public in the dark about this case, and millions of others that similarly show how multiculturalism is destroying America, according to plan.

Mr. Rashid is suspected of killing his daughter to preserve the family honor, an act not characteristic of actual "Georgia Men"--in the old stories about shotgun weddings, the shotgun was pointed at the prospective (if he knew what was good for him) son-in-law.

This custom has died out--who wants Levi Johnston for a son-in-law? But the custom of killing your daughter if she misbehaves is regrettably common among Pakistanis.

Police Say Georgia Man Killed Own Daughter to Protect Family Honor, July 08, 2008
I can't find much more about Rashid. I'll just point out that WikiPedia deleted the article on him. The reasons given were that it wasn't notable enough--because of the lack of mainstream media coverage. Also I'll note that other stories about Mr. Rashid called him Georgia Dad and Jonesboro Man.

[“‘Georgia Man’ 1, ‘Georgia Man’ 2, and Immigrant Familicide–Elvis Has Left Central America,” by James Fulford, VDARE, February 13, 2011.]

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