Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VDARE Exclusive: Read the Story the National MSM Have Embargoed!

By Nicholas Stix

Over at VDARE, my fearless editor-publisher, Peter Brimelow, has just published my investigative report, “‘Don’t Raise Your Voice at Me!’ [Click!] ‘Read a Law Book!’ [Click!]—A Pearcy Massacre Update.”

By the way, those were things that people in Garland County, Arkansas were shouting at me, before hanging up on me. I had had the temerity to ask for things like trial dates in a mass murder case.

In case you think you can get this information elsewhere, just by googling, be my guest. There’s nothing to be found nationally, during the past year, outside of my reports. Heck, outside of my new report, there's nothing to be found locally, either, over the past four months!

My previous VDARE exclusive on the Pearcy case was, “Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not!”

Why, in a nation with tens of thousands of “professional” journalists pulling down full-time pay and benefits, am I, a guerilla freelancer, the only national journalist covering this story of mass murder? And why is the perpetually underfunded VDARE (hint, hint!) the only outlet paying for reports on it? And why does it take a fearless editor-publisher, to run stories on racist mass murders? To paraphrase Peter (he was talking about the public schools), you cannot have a functioning press in a liberal democracy, whose basic model is the hero as journalist.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that a gag order means the attorneys and people directly involved can't talk to the media. It doesn't mean the Main Stream Media can't cover the case. Will this non-coverage become the template for this type of crime?

The judge in the wrongful death trial of O.J. Simpson imposed a gag order. It didn't stop massive coverage of the Simpson civil trial. The MSM even broke into Bill Clinton's state of the union address to give the verdict.

David In TN

Nicholas Stix said...

You're right, of course, David. The media are silent, because they want to be silent, not because they are gagged.

"Will this non-coverage become the template for this type of crime?"

Unfortunately, yes.

Pete said...

Nicholas, did you know that something like all seven or eight of the most recent serial killers in LA have been black? I was stunned when I found that out, since I'd hardly even heard of the crimes in the first place. But a streak of seven in a city that is about 12% black? And not a word about it from anywhere.

Nicholas Stix said...

I knew there were a few, Pete, but no, I don't recall the number being that high. Then again, two or three more black serial killer suspects have been arrested in the past year or two for crimes going back 20-40 years. I'll have to look into that.

I guess it's just a case of blacks doing the work that whites won't do. Then again, I'd always heard that serial and mass murder was an exclusively white-male preserve.

I recall when John Floyd Thomas Jr. was arrested as the suspected
Westside Rapist (murderer), who only victimized white women, the story almost immediately vanished off the media's radar. Ditto for the Grim Sleeper.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Actually, four recent serial killers in LA have been black. They are Michael Hughes, Chester Turner, Lonnie Franklin (the Grim Sleeper), and John Floyd Thomas (the Westside Rapist). Hughes was convicted in 1998 and received "LWOP." Turner was put on death row in 2007. Franklin and Thomas are now in the system.

The authorities are STILL finding DNA hits for Hughes, Turner, and Franklin. They were the actual killers doing the work of the mythical "Southside Slayer," who operated in Watts and the adjoining area. The victims were black women, though at least one belonging to Hughes was white.

John Floyd Thomas is another matter. His victims were elderly white women over a thirty year period. Thomas was arrested almost 2 years ago with a fair amount of publicity (ABC Nightline and Time magazine). Since then, NO news reports that I can find.

Thomas has been receiving status hearings all along, the next on March 23. All have been in municipal court. There seems to have been no preliminary hearing scheduled or a grand jury indictment to my knowledge.

The LA County DA, Steve Cooley, opposes gag orders. A former LA prosecutor told me by email that he had several trials that attracted media attention, but none had a gag order.

David In TN

Lewis said...

"...I'd always heard that serial and mass murder was an exclusively white-male preserve."

- I expect this is the picture that the MSM would like people to have. In fact, it is wrong. Serial killers are more likely to be black if proportion of the population is taken into account ( I think the actual rates are ~2-3x that of whites, per capita, though I do not remember the exact numbers). This "feels" more like it is a white crime because the disparity between white and black serial killers is much less than that between white and black murderers in general. Since there are 5- 6 x as many whites as blacks in the overall US population, most serial killers in terms of raw numbers are white. Of course who knows if the real disparity btwn black and white is even larger, since the powers that be obscure Hispanic crime by counting many if not most hispanics as whites.

I'm inclined to wonder if the ever-increasing incidences of white men "losing it" and going psycho is the result of increasing stress from dispossession and genocide under the irrationalities imposed by the liberal turn in our country beginning around the 1960s. A sign of the times, if you will. This sort of thing was apparently much less common in ye olde days....

Pete said...

I went and dug up the identities of the last 10 L.A. area serial killers. One is actually a pair of brothers who killed together, so there are 11 people. 9 out of the 11 are black. The two others are Hispanic.

Lonnie Franklin Jr.
John Floyd Thomas
Chester Dewayne Turner
Ivan Hill
Michael Hughes
Louis Craine
Michael Player
Kevin and Reginald Haley
Vaughn Greenwood
Richard Ramirez
Rodney Alcala

According to the US census, LA county was 9.8% black in 2000, and 11.2% black in 1990. So blacks have been roughly 800% overrepresented among serial killers in the region over the past 30-35 years.

Pete said...

Correction: Vaughn Greenwood's crimes predated those of the most recent 10. That probably means the list has one white serial killer, William Bonin.

Anonymous said...

"9 out of the 11 are black."

Judging by the names of the serial killers provided in your list, 11 out of 11 are men. So I'll just sit here and wait for you lot to either start complaining about men as a group, or else stop complaining about black people as a group. Something tells me I'll be waiting for quite a while.

Nicholas Stix said...

And the New White Racism makes itself heard from again!

I've got to give you a moniker, so that my other readers know it's you, and to make it simpler for me to respond to you, should I so choose. "NWR" ought to do.